Tribal Jurisdiction FAQs


Starting with the January-June 2022 reporting period, all TJ Program grantees will complete their semi-annual progress report using a fillable PDF Tribal Jurisdiction Reporting Form that can be downloaded from the Tribal Jurisdiction webpage of the VAWA MEI website. Additionally, TJ grantees are required to complete and submit a separate Grant Goals and Objectives document.

Grantees will submit their progress report by uploading the completed fillable PDF reporting form and a Grant Goals and Objectives document into their JustGrants account (please note that only the person identified as the Grant Award Administrator in JustGrants can upload performance reports/progress reports). This step needs to be completed by the report due date.


In addition to submitting a semi-annual progress report, all Tribal Jurisdiction grantees are required to submit a separate document detailing their progress towards their grant goals and objectives.

The Grant Goals and Objectives document should be a Word or PDF file, but there are no formal requirements for what the document should look like; grantees are free to continue using whatever format they have used in the past.

Grantees who would like additional guidance can download and use a Grant Goals and Objectives Template from the VAWA MEI website. The template has tables for grantees to fill in their goals and objectives and also provides some examples.

To complete your Grant Goals and Objectives document:

  • Locate your Tribal Jurisdiction grant proposal.
  • Copy and paste the goals and objectives from your grant proposal into your Grant Goals and Objectives document.
  • Next, give an update on the status of each objective (“not started,” “in progress,” or “complete”) and describe relevant activities towards the progress of each goal during the respective reporting period.

Grantees are required to upload the completed Grant Goals and Objectives document as a second attachment in their JustGrants account, along with their completed semi-annual progress report. This is mandatory. The progress report is not considered complete without the Grant Goals & Objectives document.


All OVW grantees are required to fill out one semi-annual progress report for each of their active grant awards. If you have an active original Tribal Jurisdiction grant award and have already received a continuation Tribal Jurisdiction grant award, you are required to complete a separate semi-annual progress report for the original grant and for the continuation grant.

Please note that you need to fill out two separate Tribal Jurisdiction Progress Reporting Forms and you need to complete two separate Grant Goals and Objective documents, even if you have not yet started using your continuation grant funds. If you have not started using your continuation grant funds, you only need to answer the mandatory questions on the report for that award.