Tribal SASP FAQs

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Section D: Victim Services

Q: Do we report all of our agency’s hotline calls?
OVW asks that you only report grant-funded activities.

  • If grant-funded staff are answering the hotline, or supervising volunteers who answer the hotline, you would report all hotline calls handled by the grant-funded staff and/or the volunteers they supervise.
  • If grant funds support a portion of the hotline budget, prorate your agency’s total hotline calls to reflect what portion or percent of hotline calls that grant funds support.

Q: What can we report as outreach activities in question 21?
Report the number of grant-funded, unsolicited letters, phone calls, or visits to victims/survivors of sexual assault.  These “outreach activities” should be for the purpose of informing them of services and/or providing information.

Q: In question 21, how do we report outreach activities conducted by a full-time staff who is partially grant-funded?
For this scenario, prorate agency outreach totals to only reflect how much of that staff person’s time in grant-funded.  For example, if a full-time outreach advocate is 50% T-SASP grant funded, report half of that staff person’s total outreach activities in q.21.

 Q: Do we report the total number of informational letters mailed by our agency as outreach activities in question 21?
Not necessarily. Only report grant-funded unsolicited outreach activities in q.21.  If 100% of the unsolicited outreach activities are funded by the T-SASP grant, then do report the agency’s total number of outreach letters in q.21. If T-SASP grant funds make up a piece of the agency’s budget for unsolicited outreach activities, then in q.21 only report the percentage of outreach that is supported by T-SASP grant funds.

Q: For question 21, what is an example of prorating outreach activities to report only what is grant-funded?
Here is an example of prorating outreach activities to report only what is grant funded: A full-time outreach advocate is 50% T-SASP grant-funded. This outreach advocate mailed 1,000 unsolicited letters offering information about support services during the reporting period.  Because this advocate is 50% grant funded, prorate the total number of unsolicited outreach activities conducted to 50%. In this example, 500 unsolicited letters are reported in q.21.