Tribal Jurisdiction

Program Overview


Tribal Jurisdiction

Through OVW’s Grants to Tribal Governments to Exercise Special Domestic Violence Criminal Jurisdictions Program (Tribal Jurisdiction Program), tribes receive support and technical assistance for planning, developing, and implementing changes in their criminal justice systems necessary to exercise Special Domestic Violence Criminal Jurisdiction (SDVCJ), which was authorized by the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013.

SDVCJ is an historic provision that recognizes the authority of participating tribes to exercise “special criminal jurisdiction” over certain defendants, regardless of their Indian or non-Indian status, who commit crimes of domestic violence or dating violence or violate certain protection orders in Indian Country.

The Tribal Jurisdiction Program is one of several OVW programs, and like all OVW programs, it supports a multifaceted approach to responding to violence against women. The Tribal Jurisdiction Program forges partnerships between leaders at all levels of government and professionals in law enforcement, victim advocacy, health care, and other organizations who work to ensure safety and health.

Progress Reporting Update

January – June 2022 Period

The deadline for the January – June 2022 performance report is July 30, 2022.

The process for reporting is new for this period. Tribal Jurisdiction grantees will no longer complete their progress report via SurveyMonkey. Instead, grantees need to fill out the PDF reporting form which must be downloaded from this website (just look for the Reporting Form box below). Then submit the fillable PDF form, as well as your Grant Goals & Objectives document, directly to JustGrants.