SASP Culturally Specific Program

In a national survey, providers (at legal services, social services, and domestic violence and sexual assault programs) who serve immigrant victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking related that, when victims called law enforcement, responding officers were able to identify the language spoken by victims in fewer than half of the cases and, in 30% of those cases, unqualified interpreters were used. They further reported that clients experienced bias when courts and law enforcement relied on inappropriate or unqualified interpreters who may intentionally or unintentionally misrepresent the victim’s statements. (Source)

Program Overview


SASP Culturally Specific Program

The Sexual Assault Services Program (SASP) was created by VAWA  2005, and is the first federal funding stream dedicated solely to direct intervention and related assistance for victims of sexual assault. SASP encompasses four different funding streams for states and territories: tribes; tribal organizations and nonprofit tribal organizations; state, territorial, and tribal sexual assault coalitions; and culturally specific organizations.

The Primary purpose of the Sexual Assault Service Culturally Specific Grant Program (SASP-CS) is to establish, maintain, and expand sustainable sexual assault services provided by culturally specific organizations. Grantees are nonprofit organizations that focus primarily on culturally specific communities and have experience in the area of sexual assault, or who partner with an organization having such expertise. They provide intervention, advocacy, accompaniment (e.g. accompanying victims to court, medical facilities, and police departments), support services, and related assistance for adult, youth, and child victims of sexual assault; non-offending family and household members of victims; and those collaterally affected by sexual assault.

Progress Reporting Update

January – June 2022 Period

As before, SASP-CS grantees will report their progress using a fillable PDF form that can be downloaded from this website (click on “Reporting form” below). Please submit the completed form as an attachment in your JustGrants account by the July 30, 2022, deadline.

Reporting Tools