Tools & Resources Consolidated Youth EMY Training Video

Consolidated Youth EMY Training Video

This recorded training video may be viewed at any time.

Please note, the recording does not reflect the recent change to the JustGrants grants management system.

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Grant Information: 6:45
Staff Information: 10:30
Program Activities: 15:15
Planning and Development: 16:00
Training: 18:25
Community Organizing/Mobilization and Prevention Activities: 21:50
Public Education/Awareness Campaigns: 26:35
Volunteer Activities: 29:30
Community Coordinated Response: 31:20
Policies: 34:00
Products: 35:40
Narrative: 36:50

Please note: As of the July-December 2019 reporting period, OVW no longer asks grantees to report the number of products distributed. That guidance is not reflected in this webinar recording.

Also, OVW is encouraging grantees to use the additional information narrative question (question 43 on the reporting form) to discuss the OVW-sponsored training and technical assistance they have received.