State Coalitions Program

Coalitions play a number of roles in responding to domestic/sexual violence: they serve as governing or organizing bodies for local agencies; they advocate for policy, legislation, or practice changes on behalf of their member agencies; and support collaboration between agencies building community relationships. (Source)

Program Overview


State Coalitions Program

The grants to State Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Coalitions Program (State Coalitions Program) funds state-level coalitions to collaborate and coordinate with relevant federal, state, and local entities. Coalitions consist primarily of organizational members (e.g. sexual assault programs, domestic violence programs, tribal victim services agencies, and other victim services agencies) but may also include individual members.

State Sexual Assault Coalitions and State Domestic Violence Coalitions play a critical role in advancing the goals of VAWA, serving as a collective voice to end domestic/sexual violence through collaboration with federal, state, and local organizations.

Progress Reporting Update

July 2020-December 2020 Period

On Oct. 15, the JustGrants progress reporting platform opened. Please see the JustGrants website for more information about the transition. As in the past, State Coalitions grantees will report their progress using a fillable PDF form. What’s changed is that the form may be downloaded from this website (click on “Reporting Form” below) and, in December, OVW will also be sending the form to grantees via email. The completed form will then be submitted as an attachment in your JustGrants account.

PLEASE NOTE–NEW DEADLINE: The deadline for the progress report for the July-December 2020 period has been changed to April 15, 2021.