Consolidated Youth Program

In a recent survey of 11,794 high school students, LGBTQ youth reported higher levels of teen dating violence than non-LGBTQ youth, which is in line with a growing body of research on the subject. LGBTQ students also reported higher levels of anxiety, suicidality, and peer victimization. These findings point toward the need for prevention programming, training, and services that take into account the complex experiences of LGBTQ youth. (Source)

Program Overview


Consolidated Youth Program

The 2013 reauthorization of VAWA authorized two youth-focused grant programs for which Congress has not appropriated funds. Rather, federal appropriations since FY 2012 have included funding for a Consolidated Youth Program that serves victims ages 0 to 24 and promotes boys’ and men’s roles in combating violence against women and girls. VAWA 2013 also added sex trafficking as a victimization that could be addressed under VAWA’s tribal- and youth-specific programs.

Consolidated Youth programs incorporate CEV, EMY, STEP, and Youth Services purpose areas, including teen dating violence awareness and prevention, programs that respond to children’s exposure to violence in their homes through services and training, and engaging men as leaders and role models.

Progress Reporting Update

July – December 2022 Period

As before, Consolidated Youth grantees will report their progress using a fillable PDF form that can be downloaded from this website (click on “Reporting form” below). Please submit the completed form as an attachment in your JustGrants account by the Jan. 30, 2023, deadline. For guidance on how to do that, please see the JustGrants website’s Training: Performance Reporting page.

Reporting Tools