Tools & Resources Technical Assistance Program Technical Assistance Reporting Toolkit

Technical Assistance Reporting Toolkit

Download this user-friendly tool to help you collect and organize the grant-funded activities you must report on.

This toolkit is a resource designed for Technical Assistance Providers to assist with collecting data for the Technical Assistance Semi-Annual Progress Report. The toolkit consists of three Excel files that can be downloaded and used to collect data on the following progress report questions:

  • Staff and Products – (Q13 & Q24)
  • Training– (Q15, Q16, Q17, & Q18)
  • Technical Assistance – (Q19, Q20, & Q21).

On the first tab of each Excel file there is a set of instructions and VAWA MEI’s contact information if you have any questions.

A note about confidentiality

Grantees must independently ensure client confidentiality. For more information, view the  Data Security Checklist (PDF) prepared by the National Network to End Domestic Violence.