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Technical Assistance Program – FAQs

View the answers to frequently asked questions.

FAQs Related to Program Activities

Q: How should we approach progress reporting if we receive multiple TA Cooperative Agreement awards and have to submit a report for each award?
A: If your agency has more than one award, the TA administrator or coordinator must ensure that a report is completed for each Cooperative Agreement.  Consider the approved goals and objectives of each TA Project and the staff time and resources that were dedicated to each project.  Fill in each award’s report with data related to the activities funded under that award only.

Q: Does peer-to-peer technical assistance go in the TA consultation column?
Yes, please report peer-to-peer TA in the consultation column.  Also note that there is a recipient of TA category called “other national technical assistance providers” in this question.

Q: How do we report multiple TA contacts with the same person or agency?
In q.19, report each separate request for TA as one consultation.  For example: if a point of contact reaches out to you regarding one topic for which a few e-mails are exchanged, and then a new email thread is started regarding a separate topic for which a few e-mails are exchanged, report these as 2 separate consultations.  Do not report each individual email in a thread as a separate request unless the request or topic area is new.

FAQs Related to Training

Q: Do we include prep time for trainings when calculating the total number of hours in question 17?
A: No.  Only report the hours that were spent training and do not include prep time.

Q: For question 17, do we report training time multiplied by the number of trainers?
A: No, do not multiply by the number of people trained or by the number of trainers.  Report training time strictly by the number of hours trained.  For example, if two grant-funded trainers co-train a 2-hour event, it is reported as 2 hours of training.

Q: How do we report archived webinars and/or asynchronous web-based learning?
A: Report each archived webinar or asynchronous web-based training that was accessed by one or more people during the reporting period as single events in q.15: “Type and number of training events provided”.  These can be reported in the “other” row.

Report who completed archived webinars and/or asynchronous web-based trainings in q.16: “Number of people trained”.

Do not include asynchronous training or archived webinar views in q.17: “Total number of hours spent on training”.

FAQs Related to Technical Assistance

Q: What defines a TA site visit?
A: As defined in the reporting form instructions, a TA site visit is an in-person visit made to an agency or other location for the purpose of providing technical assistance consultation.  A TA site visit is not conducted for the purposes of monitoring.

Q: Do we report a training that happens in conjunction with onsite TA as a separate event?
A:  Generally speaking, provision of onsite TA (reported in q.19 in the site visit column) includes the TA Provider providing training to the organization(s) they are visiting.  Therefore, onsite TA is not also reported as training.  However, if you conduct onsite TA and you are asked to provide an additional training opportunity to an audience that is beyond the organization(s) to which you provide TA, this can be reported separately as a training.

Q: How do we report roundtables with grantee cohorts?
A roundtable is a meeting where subject matter experts are brought together for discussion and information gathering, such as to identify what resources need to be developed to support grantees.  This is not technical assistance and should not be reported in q.19.  However, this type of meeting can be highlighted in the narrative.

Q: How do we report coaching calls with grantee cohorts?
A: The purpose of a coaching call is to help grantees develop resources to do their work, and should be reported as a TA consultation in q.19.  Include all of the participants as recipients of the TA.

Q: How do we report a site visit where multiple organizations are contacted?
Report site visits by organization type that is reached during the visit.  Do not report site visits by each individual reached. For example, if you conducted onsite TA, and there were 6 child protection workers and 8 domestic violence program staff in attendance; report 1 onsite TA visit for child protection workers and 1 onsite TA visit for domestic violence program staff.

FAQs Related to Products

Q: What if we have multiple training materials to report in the products section and we run out of space?
A: Please combine some of your products in one box and include the numbers of each product developed and/or distributed separated by commas, and title/topic in the same order, separated by commas.

Q: What is the difference between training curricula and training materials?
A: A training curriculum is a comprehensive set of learning objectives, content, materials, and methods for evaluating participant attainment of the training goals. Training materials are items used during the training, and can comprise or accompany various features of a training.