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Abuse in Later Life Program FAQs

View the answers to frequently asked questions.

FAQs Related to Training

Q: Why does question 13 asks us to report on four half-day and two full-day mandatory training events, when that is not a requirement of our grant award?
A: The requirements for this grant have changed, however the form has not changed. Report the one required full-day training in the “two full-day” training field. Please contact your OVW grant specialist to discuss your grant’s mandatory training events if you’re unclear of the expectations for reporting.

Q: Do we report students as trained professionals?
A: If the students are considered pre-professionals trained, please report them in the categories that reflect the profession the students are going into.  If the students are not trained as pre-professionals, the students should not be reported in the Training Section.

FAQs Related to Victim Services

Q: What is the difference between services reported in Civil Legal Advocacy and Civil Legal Assistance in question 30A?
Services provided by a grant-funded attorney or a grant-funded paralegal are reported in Civil Legal Assistance in q.30A. Any other legal advocacy services provided by a grant-funded staff member are reported as Civil Legal Advocacy in q.30A.