How do we determine the number of campaigns to report in question 28?

Report the number of individual campaigns for each of the categories in q.28.  Do not report the number of activities associated with each campaign.  Enter those figures as well as other details about public education/awareness campaigns in narrative q.31.  For example:

  • Your program has a campaign about Teen Dating Violence during the month of February and makes several posts both on Twitter and Facebook.  Report this as one campaign under ‘Online social media.’  In narrative q.31, write more information about the number of posts, views, or shares.
  • If twenty-five shirts are made as a part of the campaign.  This should be reported as one campaign in q.28 under “Merchandising.”  The figure 25 is not reported under “Merchandising,” because q.28 is asking for the total number of campaign activities, not the total number of merchandising items made.  The number of items made, as well as an explanation of how they supported the campaign, are reported in narrative q.31.