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Disability Program FAQs

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FAQs Related to Training

Q:  Can training provided to grant-funded staff be reported as training in Section C2?
A:  No, do not report grant-funded staff development as training in Section C2.  Grantees may choose to write about grant-funded staff development in narrative q.19.

FAQs Related to Victim Services

Q:  Are referrals to services reported in question 37A?
A:  No, for the purpose of this form, referrals are not considered a service and are not reported in q.37A.  However, any referrals can be described in narrative q.39.

Q:  What is the difference between services reported in Civil Legal Advocacy and Civil Legal Assistance in question 37A?
A:  Services provided by a grant-funded attorney or a grant-funded paralegal are reported in Civil Legal Assistance in q.37A.  Any other legal advocacy services provided by a grant-funded staff member are reported as Civil Legal Advocacy in q.37A.