Engaging Men and Youth Program

Programs and campaigns may increase men’s awareness about gender-based violence, encouraging them to commit to ending it by becoming formally involved in violence prevention efforts, and/or by being a role model and vocal proponent of respectful relationships in their own families and communities.

Program Overview


Engaging Men and Youth Program

The Engaging Men and Youth, or EMY Program funds projects that develop or enhance efforts to engage men and youth in preventing crimes of violence against women with the goal of developing mutually respectful, nonviolent relationships.

The Consolidated Grant Program to Address Children and Youth Experiencing Domestic and Sexual Assault and Engage Men and Youth as Allies (Consolidated Youth or CY Program) has received appropriations in FYs 2013 through 2016. This program, which consolidated four programs previously authorized under earlier iterations of VAWA, including the EMY Program, funds projects that support child, youth, and young adult victims through direct services, training, coordination and collaboration, effective intervention, treatment, response, and prevention strategies. The last grants made under the EMY Program were awarded in FY 2011.