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Tribal Jurisdiction Grant Goals Template

Download this form to complete your progress report. Be sure to save a copy to your desktop before entering data.

As part of the progress reporting process, all Tribal Jurisdiction grantees are required to submit a separate document detailing their progress towards their Grant Goals & Objectives.  You will upload the Grant Goals & Objectives document directly into your JustGrants account where you submit your progress reports.

Options for documenting grant goals and objectives

There are no formal requirements for what the document should look like. You are free to use whatever format you wish, including the template that can be downloaded at the top of this page.

About this template

Using this template is optional. It contains some examples and tables. You can fill in the tables with your own goals and objectives to document the progress you have made this reporting period.

To fill out your Grant Goals & Objectives document:

  • Locate your Tribal Jurisdiction grant proposal.
  • Copy and paste the goals and objectives from your grant proposal into your Grant Goals & Objectives document.
  • Next, state the status of each objective (“not started,” “in progress,” or “complete”) and describe relevant activities towards the progress of each goal during the respective reporting period.
  • When you are done, upload your completed Grant Goals & Objectives document (as a Word or PDF file) into your JustGrants account where you submit your progress report.


Content revision date: 6/2/2022