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STOP Subgrantee Progress Reporting Form

View the annual progress reporting form. Be sure to SAVE A COPY to your desktop before entering data.

For STOP Subgrantees:

To complete your STOP Annual Progress Report (please also see video below),

  • Click the “view form” button above and then SAVE the form to your desktop.
  • Close all internet browsers.
  • Open the Adobe Reader DC program. To access the current version of Adobe Reader DC go to:
  • With Adobe Reader DC open, go to “File,” select “Open,” and choose the reporting form saved to your computer desktop.
  • Complete the progress report and then check for completeness and accuracy by clicking the “validate” button at the end of the form.
  • Once validated, submit the completed report to your STOP administrator per their instructions.

E-Learning Video: Using the Form

VAWA MEI JD2020 Learning Series: Using the Form (duration: 3:05) transcript

For STOP Administrators:

To review the subgrantee reports,

  • Check that the subgrantee report is the digitally completed PDF, not a scanned or handwritten copy.
  • Review the data for completeness and accuracy. The STOP Guide for Reviewing Subgrantee Reports offers more information on how to review the data.
  • Request needed data changes from the subgrantees or make the changes directly.
  • Click the “validate” button at the end of the subgrantee form to ensure the form has been successfully validated.
  • Once all subgrantee reports are reviewed, submit the data to VAWA MEI at the Muskie School of Public Service.

Please deliver subgrantee progress report data to VAWA MEI by March 30.