Tools & Resources STOP Formula Grant Program STOP Guide for Reviewing Subgrantee Data

STOP Guide for Reviewing Subgrantee Data

View program-specific reporting form instructions for more in-depth guidance on how to report grant-funded activities on the progress report.

The aim of this guide is to support administrators as they complete their review of STOP subgrantee reports. The guide addresses the issues most commonly found.

STOP Administrators should review the subgrantee reports to:

  • Check that the subgrantee report is the digitally completed PDF, not a scanned or handwritten copy.
  • Review the data for completeness and accuracy using this guide.
  • Request needed data changes from the subgrantees or make the changes directly.
  • Click the “validate” button at the end of the subgrantee form to ensure the form has been successfully validated.
  • Once all subgrantee reports are reviewed, submit the data to VAWA MEI.