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STOP Formula Subgrantee Training Video

This recorded training video may be viewed at any time.

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Grant Information: 3:10

Staff Information: 5:55

Purpose Areas: 9:50

Training & Education: 10:20

Coordinated Community Response: 12:30

Policy and Legislation: 12:55

Products: 14:45

Data Collection and Communication Systems: 15:20

Specialized Units: 15:35

System Improvement: 16:05

Victim Services/Legal Services: 16:40

Victim Services: 18:10

Legal Services: 29:10

Law Enforcement: 31:15

Prosecution: 32:50

Courts: 36:00

Probation and Parole: 37:35

Batterer Intervention Programs (BIP): 38:35

Narrative: 39:10