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SASP Subgrantee Progress Reporting Form

View Annual Progress Reporting Form. Be sure to SAVE A COPY to your desktop before entering data.

To download and fill out your SASP Subgrantee Annual Progress Report:

  • Click the “view form button” above and then SAVE the form to your desktop
  • Use Adobe Reader DC to open the form
  • Complete and submit the form to your Administrator per their instructions.

If you have technical difficulties with this form, please contact us!

The subgrantee is responsible for completing the form and checking it for completeness and accuracy by clicking the “Validate” button at the end of the form. After saving the completed and validated form, subgrantees should send the completed reporting form as an e-mail attachment to the SASP Administrator.

The SASP Administrator is responsible for reviewing the reports, requesting that subgrantee make changes as required, or making the necessary changes directly. The Administrator should also click the “Validate” button to be sure that the form has been successfully validated.

The Administrator should then deliver the data to Muskie by March 30th 

Please do not send handwritten or scanned versions of the report to Muskie.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Upload the reports to our secure file-sharing server. This is the preferred method of delivering subgrantee data to Muskie. In early February of each year, Muskie will send Administrators an email with instructions on how to upload subgrantee reports to the server. If a SASP Administrator has any questions about the file-sharing server, please email or call 1-800-922-8292.

  2. Mail the reports to Muskie. If the Administrator is unable to access the secure file-sharing server, they can send the reports directly to us. To do so, the reports must be copied onto a USB flash drive and mailed to:

Muskie School of Public Service
ATTN: Tammy Mitman
233H Wishcamper Building
34 Bedford Street
Portland, ME 04101

If mailing, it is strongly recommended that SASP Administrators use an express delivery service rather than regular mail service.