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Campus Sample Progress Reporting Form

View this sample reporting form to better understand reporting requirements for OVW grant-funded activities.

OVW grant recipients are statutorily required to report on grant-funded activities every six months. Data reported on semi-annual progress reports help OVW monitor funded projects and illustrate grant program accomplishments.

While sample forms are identical to the forms grantees must submit to OVW through the Grants Management System (GMS), the sample reports themselves cannot be uploaded into GMS.

Progress reports are due 30 days after the close of each reporting period:

  • January – June reports are due July 30
  • July – December reports are due January 30

One of the most significant opportunities afforded by this grant was the chance to bring together different entities of the criminal justice system… to further our common goals of reducing incidents of domestic violence crimes, improving the accountability of offenders, and supporting successful re-entry into the community. In addition to Families in Crisis, the offender service provider and project partner, the Parole Division partnered by designating two Parole Officers to serve as domestic violence resource officers. Their expertise was developed through cross-training opportunities and inclusion in project team meetings. Several trainings for Parole were held to enhance their understanding of domestic violence, its impact on victims and children, the role trauma plays in decision making, and to highlight strategies to effectively supervise domestic violence offenders in the community.

Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence