Reports Underserved Program Underserved Chapter from the 2016 Biennial Report to Congress

Underserved Chapter from the 2016 Biennial Report to Congress

Read about program accomplishments from July 2013 - June 2015 and hear from grantees in their own words.

As a result of the grant funding, we have been able to put together a dynamic team to serve the Deaf community. Our Underserved grant allows us to outreach to, connect with, educate, advocate for, and support our Deaf community on issues of violence and violence prevention. Our team is able to help address the domestic violence (which Deaf people experience 1.5 times more than hearing people) and sexual assault (which Deaf people experience 3.8 times more than hearing people) issues which our victims face. We have seen a remarkable increase in the number of victims in their late teens and early twenties coming to us, who are struggling to heal from sexual abuse they experienced as children. Most of these young Deaf adults’ perpetrators were family members, both hearing and Deaf. Without these grant funds, we would not be able to provide the critical services Deaf victims need to begin or continue their respective healing journeys.