Reports Technical Assistance Program 2020 Report to Congress—Technical Assistance Chapter

2020 Report to Congress—Technical Assistance Chapter

Read about program accomplishments from July 2017 through June 2019 and hear from grantees in their own words.

There was a clear need for training and technical assistance, as well as the development of written ‘how-to’ resources for the field that focus on operational tools that advocates and supervision officers can use to collaborate more efficiently with a common goal of reducing victimization. The e-curriculum developed under this effort will help probation staff to increase their awareness, understanding, and  practical application of victim-centered approaches to the specialized supervision of sex offenders. Topics covered include defining victim-centeredness as a fundamental tenet of sex offender management, key principles and  practices of specialized sex offender supervision, various points at which probation officers’ decisions and practices have implications for victims and their families, the role of victim advocates in promoting victim-centered  supervision practices with sex offenders, and promising examples of victimcenteredness in practice.